Gefran Inc. is proud to announce the official launch of the newest line of Performance Controllers, the 850/1650/1850 Series.



There’s a new family of enhanced Controllers that inherits all the features and benefits offered by the award winning Gefran 650/1250/1350 series, adding more remarkable new features/benefits like:

  • Large Display - clear, configurable, screen – largest display in the market.
  • Dual PID control loops with ratio and cascade control capabilities.
  • User-configurable scrolling alphanumeric messaging.
  • Two high resolution isolated analog outputs for controlling / retransmitting.
  • Two temperature sensor inputs.
  • Dual Setpoint Programmer with 128 steps, with synchronous and asynchronous time base.
  • Valve control models, with valve position feedback.
  • Built-in Logic + Math functions - 32 Logic Function Blocks plus 8 Math Function Blocks.
  • 5 Recipes of parameters stored on board.
  • 8 digital I/Os + 8 Relay outputs available on the 1850 model.
  • Energy monitoring function.
  • Maintenance Minder function - Prevents system downtimes and production losses.
  • 3 mode embedded timing functions.