This power controller is a Thyristor-type power solid state relay designed to control a 3-phase asynchronous motor in two directions.

There are two control signals and an internal logic that permits selection of only one direction at a time.

A red LED indicates reverse, and a green LED indicates forward.

The power Thyristor are protected against excessive voltage fluctuation by RC snubbers and varistors incorporated in the unit.

It is advisable to install three high-speed fuses between the 3-phase line and the controller.

WARNING: The GI models must be used in conjunction with an appropriate heatsink (Accessory). Installation must precisely observe the warnings contained in the installation notes.


Solid state inverter for forward/reverse control of three-phase motors up to 4KW

Solid state contactor for reverse/forward control for 3-phase motors up to
4 KW - 400 Vac
Nominal voltage max.: 400 VAC
Non-repetitive voltage up to 900 VP
Isolation (input/output) 4000 VAC
Input control: 5…32 VDC
IP20 direct contact protection
Integrated voltage transient protection
LED indication of motor direction
In Conformity with EN60947-4-3 and UL508