They have been designed with the aim of providing very accurate control of the load from an analog input signal (0-10V or 0-20/4-20mA) or a potentiometer (from 1kOhm to 10kOhm).

>Zero-voltage switching, optimized fast cycle time.

>Command input from current signal or analog voltage or potentiometer

>Current range: 25A to 120A, diagnostics and load interrupt alarm

>Antiparallel double SCR

>2 led for supply indication, “ON” state, 1 optional LED for load interrupt alarm

>Switching at voltage zero crossing

>Patriotization of wave train power with dynamically optimized time cycle

>MOV (varistor) Also known as voltage-dependent resistor (VDR)

>4000V isolation between input circuit and power output

>Optional monitoring of interrupted load