Elevator Positioning Control
Elevator company’s needs are best satisfied with a custom solution based on an inverter in the ADL300 family with EPC (Elevator Positioning Control) software to
control the car position.

EPC calculates arrival ramps in real time so that the curve generated achieves millimetric alignment. Use in combination with the MI-KO-SIS control system provides the solution for releveling as well: at every misalignment with the car stopped and doors open, the system automatically corrects the position and returns it to level.
Because the ADL300 has a high overload value (200% of nominal current for 10 seconds), it can manage high starting current without overheating the inverter.
Other info on the ADL300
The ADL300 series can be used in all applications with geared or gearless technology and has the most important industry certifications based on current European standards for lifts and escalators, such as EN81-1:1998 + Amendment A3.
With regard to safety, the entire ADL300 series has SIL 3 certification according to EN61800-5-2 for contactorless operation.
The inverter also has the CE and UL/Ulc marks for lifts, obtained under the Elevator Controls and Accessories (FQMW/FQMW7) program.
Noisy external contactors between inverter power supply phases and the motor are replaced with silent internal electronic switches. The ADL300 significantly reduces switching noise and is therefore suitable for roomless installation.

The ADL300 can operate in systems with CANOpen communication, with both DS301 and DS417 (CANOpen Lift) profile, as well as with communication based on DCP protocol both in position (DCP4) and speed (DCP3)