ADV200 Field-Oriented vector inverter

ADV200 inverters have a high passband for the velocity and current controller, making them ideal for high-dynamic applications. 
Gefran’s system is completely integrated in the ADV200 series of drives for use with asynchronous or brushless motors, thereby eliminating the need for external control racks.


Control functions for line sections can be downloaded as standard applications in ADV200 inverters.
Using a control system integrated in the drive reduces system complexity and eliminates delays and noise when transmitting variables, typical of systems with separate drives and axis boards.


For a precise cut, the carriage must be in the right position and its velocity must be perfectly synchronized. Any difference in velocity generates imperfections in the cut, and may cause stretching or mechanical breakdowns: the flying shear control firmware is specifically designed to adjust the reciprocal position of the carriage and the pipe to be sheared.

The carriage velocity profile is set by an electronic cam based on line speed and shearing length.  
Positive and negative accelerations can be set with linear and sinusoidal profile in order to choose the best compromise between reducing the maximum torque required by the motor and the wear of mechanical parts.

The system is simple to commission because the GF-eXpress configurator lets you work on the system parameters of the inverter as well as on the specific parameters of the application.

Use of the Softscope digital oscilloscope with synchronous sampling (sample time 1 ms) also allows simultaneous run-time check of drive and application variables for optimization of the control system.